My story began when I was putting the finishing touches on my newly renovated master bathroom.  After 20 years it was in desperate need of a facelift.

We forged ahead: demolition, new plumbing, tile, glass enclosure, fixtures, and a small fortune later my job of decorating began. Decorative pieces, light fixtures, mirrors, pictures, and candle holders were all part of my design. But as I placed those ugly shampoo bottles and shaving cream can into the shower niche I stopped in my tracks.

I spent weeks searching for decorative bottles for my shampoo and conditioner. I found bottles made from breakable glass, ceramic and metal. All were too dangerous and not suitable. Finally, I purchased plastic hand soap bottles, drained the soap, peeled the labels and squeezed the shampoo and conditioner into those tiny little holes in the bottles.  It was timely and frustrating to say the least. They are, by design, not re-usable. And even after I had the bottles in place, I was still staring at the metal shaving cream can that was slowly forming a circle of rust on my new tile.

It was here, somewhere between frustration and exasperation where I was inspired to create the Shower Niche Kit. It was the solution to our problem and hopefully will help you with yours. I know there’s a lot of people out there just like me who want to put that final “elegant touch” in every bathroom in their home.  Whether it’s your master bath or a guest bath, "lets get rid of ugly". This will be the finishing touch you've been looking for.